• How To Start A Water Damage Restoration Company

    How to start a water damge restoration companyStarting a water damage restoration company is a rewarding experience. Carpet cleaners often understand that they can make good money by starting a water damage restoration company or creating a water damage division of their existing company. The reason is simple; carpet cleaners have a wide client base to start doing water damage restoration. This makes the start up easier because finding clients is not difficult. Before we get to the “How to” allow me to share a story with you. This author has served carpet cleaning clients when they have a flood. One of the first water damage jobs I ever did was a hotel. I had cold called the manager and he showed me that he had a national cleaning service already doing the carpet. I handed him my business card and said; “If you ever have a need that I can assist you with then please call me”. A few weeks later there was a large micro burst over the hotel and I got the call. Three days later the job was complete and billed out at $3,500.00 dollars. You have to clean a lot of carpet to make that kind of money in 3 days.
    The water damage restoration industry still has room for new entrepreneurs. Yes, there are some large franchises, however, they do not have a strangle hold on the industry. Carpet cleaning is an industry that is very competitive. Carpet cleaners are always looking for ways to beat the completion. Water damage restoration may just be the vehicle that will serve you well. Now to the how to.
    I would recommend that you take a training class before you buy a piece of equipment. This training is very important because you will be able to decide if you want to do water damage restoration. Besides you will have to be certified anyway and it is better to invest in training and then decide that the restoration industry is not for you. After your training you will have to decide if you want to franchise or be independent. There are pros and cons to each. Franchise can provide you with support and marketing but, that comes with a fee. Staying as an independent frees you to do work that a franchise may not want to do.
    Of course there is equipment to buy. Training at a certified facility will allow you real life, hands on, giving real experience that will assist you in your purchase of equipment. Equipment cost is low compared to the ROI that can be received because equipment can be paid for very rapidly. There is a wide variety of quality equipment available. Modern restoration equipment is made of quality materials and operates better that equipment produced 10 years ago. Before you go to a web auction site, remember it is usually a restoration company that is upgrading and selling the equipment that they no longer consider useful.
    Finding quality equipment, to franchise or not to franchise and training are the basics of starting a water damage restoration company. As a carpet cleaner you have the client base already. Training is the number one way to find your way through the maze of the restoration industry. Simply getting an understanding of the restoration industry will keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive in you.

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