One of the first steps to growing your restoration company online is finding the most valuable water damage keywords.

These aren’t regular keywords that anyone can find and apply.

The keyword list has been gathered from working with restoration clients across America and using what works.

Our clients have received actual water damage leads from the keywords on this list. Combined, we’ve spent over $6 million in Google Ads and generated over 58,000 leads.

In short, we’ve did the work for you.

These keywords work for your water damage company and actually make you money.

Using advanced water damage restoration seo techniques, we’ve compiled the free list for you below:

How we tracked these water damage keywords:

If your water damage restoration company is not using these popular water damage keywords for water damage SEO or water damage restoration PPC then you’re leaving money on the table.

It’s no secret that as a damage restoration business, these keywords can make you tons of money. Let’s get into the list below.

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Finding The Best Keywords For Water Damage SEO

These keywords are a great starting point to start your internet marketing gameplan. By first determining what users are searching when looking for someone who provides restoration services – you don’t go in blindly.

Using These Keywords For Water Damage Restoration PPC

Step 1: Multiply these keywords across your service areas (and cities.) We use this tool.
Step 2: Create well structured, single keyword ad groups.
Step 3. Make sure your water damage landing page and ad group match.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • There are a lot of marketing and SEO companies that inflate these numbers looking for potential customers
  • Just because “water damage restoration” is the most search for doesn’t mean it will convert the most

To get the best chance of getting more water damage jobs, keyword research is important.

High Competition Keywords

If your goal is to rank #1 in your area for these water damage keywords you’re going to have an uphill battle. SEO is a long term plan and you should treat it as such.

Long Tail Keyword Strategy For Your Restoration Company

All of the water damage keywords on this list are going to be highly competitive. Essentially, it’s going to be really hard to rank for these.

Making These Water Damage Keywords Work For You

Now that we’ve given you the most searched for water damage restoration keywords, you need a game plan to start making the phone ring.

Compare These With Your Current Rankings

Your goal is to rank #1 for all these terms in your service area.

Tools you can use to check your water damage keyword rankings:

Checking your keyword rankings: Quick Advice from Google

Based on the video below, Google suggests to do a manual search yourself, scroll through the rankings and take notes. But what if you have over 100 water damage keywords you’re trying to track? This is impossible to keep track of!

Using These Keywords for Water Damage SEO

You’re going to have to create customized content pages for most if not all of these search terms. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?
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We use these same strategies that helped us build our restoration company to over $4,000,000 in sales per year.

We specialize in helping Water Restoration providers grow their restoration company using proven marketing techniques that we developed.

Need more water damage leads? Call us at (866) 741-8218 to chat about your water damage marketing or schedule a free strategy session.