Let’s face it: We’re basically the gurus of getting more water damage leads online.

We understand the restoration business better than any digital marketing agency you’ll ever work with because we’ve partnered with a tons of restoration companies. But we’ve also got Geek smarts: We know which online software are going to help you get more customers online.

These are the 10 tools we use to get your more flood jobs.

1. Google AdWords

We cannot even stress enough how valuable Google AdWords has been to our success as a business. It’s a gold mine for new, high-converting leads.

Blogging and SEO are great for your website, but paid advertisements on Google are where it’s at. And by “it,” we mean “the money.”

AdWords helps you reach out to customers on a platform they're already familiar with.

Using keywords, which are essentially predictions of people’s search queries, we can create Ad Groups with themed advertisements that can cater to a prospective customer’s specific need.


That’s gobbledy-gook for, “AdWords lets us meet our customers on a platform they’re already familiar with.

It’ll take some time to get your AdWords certification, but it’s one of the most valuable things we could have done for ourselves. No regrets.

2. AdWords Editor

OK, so, AdWords Editor is sort of like the secret menu at Starbucks. It’s like, once you understand the ingredients used in the basic frappacinos, you can remix them and create new combinations that most people don’t know about.

Now that you have the tools, you can get more water damage leads online.

Editor isn’t a pretty interface, but it’s a lot more intuitive. Oh, you say you just made an entire ad campaign, filled with literally hundreds of ads, and you want all those ads to apply to all your accounts? No problem. Just copy the campaign and past it to your other accounts.

AdWords Editor makes creating PPC ads easier, getting you more water damage leads online.

Seriously, it’s that easy.

And that software is completely fo’ FREE. This is not one of those instances where you have to spend money to make money, so, you know, what do you have to lose?

3. Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords is like doing a market survey, but even mo’ bettuh because it enables you to see how people search for things online.

Seed Keywords helps you understand what people are typing into a search engine when they're searching for your services.

What kind of phrasing are they using? Do they use full sentences? Are they asking questions or are they looking for solutions?

You can use this tool to build a list of valuable and unique keywords. Unique keywords means that your competitors probably aren’t bidding for them, so things are a little easier on your budget.

4. Instapage

Advertising on Google won’t be effective at all if you don’t have an awesome, conversion-optimized landing page.

And guess what: You don’t have to know a single bit of HTML or CSS to make your own landing page.

Instapage is probably the most user-friendly software we, at LeadAmigo, have ever used. It’s just clicking buttons and dragging and dropping stuff.

Instapage is a great tool to use for creating landing pages.

Like, click-click-publish-BOOM. You’ve got yourself a landing page, ladies and gentlemen.

Here are some other cool things about Instapage:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Hundreds of templates
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Pre-set form fills
  • Customizable CTA buttons
  • Automated keyword insertion
  • Automated location insertion

5. PPC Secure

Once you’ve finished creating your landing page, you’ll apply the URL to all your ads in Google AdWords.

But before you do that, you want to make sure people aren’t able to click on your ads more than once. Some of your competitors will just sit there and click your ads over and over, hoping to max out your daily cost so you’re not able to get legitimate leads through your ads.

PPC Secure stops competitors from maxing out your daily spend amount.

Pretty shady, right?

Well, thanks to PPC Secure, you can protect your ads from being clicked by the same person more than once (or however many times you want).

PPC Secure keeps your competitors from maxing out your daily spend in AdWords.

Just enter your website domain, create clicking restrictions, set up notifications and paste the link it gives you into the “Tracking Template” block under “Campaign URL Options (advanced)” in the Settings tab.

6. Buffer

At this point, you probably know just how important social media marketing is for you business. But what you may not know is that there are certain times during the day that your posts are more likely to get viewed.

You’re probably not available to tweet or post on Facebook at exactly 3 in the afternoon though, right?

Buffer schedules tweets for you, so you don't have to worry about missing water damage leads online.

That’s where Buffer comes in: Buffer is a platform that let’s you post on several different social media platforms at once. It also lets you schedule out your posts so you don’t have to wait by your computer at just the right moment.

Buffer lets you schedule your social media posts so you can gain more water damage leads online.

Buffer can really save you a lot of time in your social media marketing plan.

It’s compatible with:

7. TenScores

You can write compelling ads in AdWords, but if your quality score isn’t good enough, then your ads won’t get shown very often. And people won’t buy your services.

A higher quality scores means that you rank higher on the search engine page, and you won’t have to bid as much for your keywords.

Here are some more benefits to raising your quality score:

  • Lower CPC
  • More traffic
  • Higher ad rank
  • Lower minimum bids
  • Top positions

TenScores is a system that helps you track your quality scores and offers suggestions for how you can improve them.

TenScores optimizes your quality scores so you can write better ads and get more water damage leads online.

Not only does it optimize your ads according to quality score, but it also provides a visual report so that you can gain precise data about your ad performance.

8. Swydo

Swydo is a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) platform that gives you a bird’s-eye view of your important key performance indicators (KPIs). This software lets you compare your stats to the goals you set, so you can make sure your ads are on the right track.

Swydo is an SEM dashboard that lets your see important key performance indicators.

It also lets you compare your current stats to how well you were performing the year before.

Knowledge is power, and power is money. Make it.

9. MouseFlow

Wouldn’t it be super cool if you could sit and watch people navigate your website? Then you could see what people like and dislike about your website and alter it accordingly.

Well, you can’t just watch your website visitors – ’cause that would be creepy and almost definitely illegal – but you can track their mouse movements using MouseFlow.

These movements show you which areas on your page garnered the most attention.

MouseFlow shows user movement on your restoration website.

The most captivating area on your website should be your call-to-action button, so MouseFlow can show you what areas on your website you need to change in order to boost conversions.

10. LeadAmigo Dashboard

LeadAmigo is a dashboard that enables you to track the water damage leads that come in by phone. LeadAmigo records your calls and gives you the ability to make notes about how much these conversions brought you.

LeadAmigo helps you track the water damage leads you get by phone.

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