Figuring out how to get more water damage leads isn’t easy. Maybe you’ve hired an SEO guy or an Adwords guy and haven’t gotten the results you expected.

You might even be buying leads from different places.

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The problem is that your competitors are doing the same thing. They’re buying leads just like you. If your competition decides to pay $500 for a water damage lead then you’re out of luck and will outbid you.

The thing is – there are only so many leads in your service area. Growing your restoration company can be hard if you don’t get the leads.

Well, that’s exactly why we first Restoration Profits.

[thrive_highlight highlight=’default’ text=’light’]In 2009 when we started our restoration company, you just couldn’t find any good, solid, actionable advice on the internet on how to generate more water damage leads. [/thrive_highlight]

And boy… did we look around.

Since then, hundreds of restoration contractors have read our content, watched our videos, taken action, and reported back with some pretty awesome results.

So when you express frustration about getting more leads, growing your restoration company and increasing your sales – you’re not alone.

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A really easy way to get more leads is to figuring out how to optimize your Google My Business listing. This is known as the “3-pack” or “Snack pack”.

I’m going show you how to pimp out your profile and drive more calls to your restoration company using these techniques.

Why Your Google Maps Listing Is Important

  1. Roughly 33% of traffic is generated by the maps.
  2. It’s easy to get more water damage leads.
  3. It’s free for anyone to sign up and use as long as you have a physical address

Let’s get started…

Step 1: Complete Your Water Damage Companies Profile 100%

This is easier than making a Facebook status update. Without completely filling out your Google My Business profile, your chances at ranking are slim-to-none.

You’ll want to complete the following sections:

  • Categories
  • Locations
  • Service Areas
  • Hours of Operation (24 hours for emergency services)
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Appointment Website Link
  • Services (keyword friendly)
  • Highlights
  • Description (keyword friendly)
  • Photos


There are only 3 categories that apply for damage restoration companies.

  • Water damage restoration service
  • Fire damage restoration service
  • Building restoration service

There is no mold remediation category but there is carpet cleaning if you happen to provide that service.

Business Location

[thrive_custom_box title=”Business Location – Important!” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#eded71″ border=”#dddddd”]It is EXTREMELY important to make sure your business address is exactly as you have listed it elsewhere online.[/thrive_custom_box]

Service Areas

There are three options here that you need to add.

  1. Cities
  2. Zip codes
  3. Counties

Make sure to provide as many as possible so your chance at ranking in those cities increases. From our experience, Google prefers the cities over anything else so at a minimum add those.

Hours of Operation

It’s important to let our customers (And the Big G) know that we’re available 24/7/365. Apply the 24-hour schedule as needed to every day, unless you have banking hours.

Phone Number

Use a Local Phone Number

Because of how often 800 numbers are used for spam, Google isn’t too keen on non-local numbers. Using an area-code number will also tell customers that you’re nearby and can help them now.

Do Not Use a Tracked Number

It’s important to know how much work you’re getting from ANY source of advertising. But, it’s more important to let Google know you are who you say you are. It’s not worth it to try to use a specialty number on your listing.

Our Suggestion:

Use the same exact phone number that’s listed on your website.


This is self-explanatory but make sure to put your preferred root domain the same that Google lists it as.

  1. Search Google for your company name.
  2. Click on your website listing.
  3. Take note of how the domain is displayed.

Etc. This improves the chances that a customer who visits your website gets what they need.

Appointment Website Link

Potential water damage customers can now schedule an appointment directly from your Google listing.

For conversion sake, we suggest setting up an appointment specific page with a form and easily accessible phone number but a contact us page will work just fine.

We haven’t seen much traffic or scheduled appointments since customers usually need emergency help, but it does help your listing stand out.


This will increase your rankings dramatically. There are main services you can add along with sub-services. We like to use commonly billed line items from Xactimate as sub-services.

There is no limit to the number of services you can add.

Make sure to include SEO-friendly keywords and content that match what a customer might be searching for.

Use a template like this and adjust accordingly for your own restoration company.

Main Service Sub Service
Water Damage Restoration Water extraction, Wood floor drying, Carpet drying, Sewage cleanup (Cat-3), Basement floods
Fire Damage Restoration Fire damage repair, Contents cleaning and packouts, odor removal

Here’s how our services section currently looks.

Service Pricing

You can add pricing to each service if you like. In the restoration industry, it’s hard to determine prices without seeing the job so we leave this blank.


If you’re a veteran-led or women-led restoration company you can now let your local customers know.

Optimize Your Business Description

There’s a character limit of how long your description is, so keep it short, friendly and SEO-rich.

What To Write For Your Restoration Company Description?

  1. Talk about what you do.
  2. What makes you unique?
  3. Add SEO in the description. (Best Miami water damage company, etc)
  4. Add a call-to-action at the bottom.

Here’s our current business description:

Photos & Videos

Listings without photos are less appealing to local customers and won’t rank as high.

If you haven’t already, plan a quick photoshoot with your team. Even using an iPhone to take pictures is better than nothing.

Photos You Need

  1. Interior office photos (3)
  2. Exterior photos of office (3)
  3. At work (3)
  4. Team (3)
  5. Identity or branding (3)

As a rule of thumb, the more photos you add to your restoration companies Google maps listing the better.

Step 2: Get More Reviews & Respond To All Them

Google reviews add trustworthiness to your restoration business, so Google ranks companies with a high volume of good reviews higher on Google Maps.

Bad reviews are going to happen in the restoration industry but they are far and few in-between.

The negative reviews can alert you of a broken process or system you have in your business. Don’t worry too much about negative reviews, just focus on delivering exceptional service and asking for positive testimonials.

How To Get More Reviews for Your Restoration Company

The easiest way is to simply ask. Create a link that you can send to customers.

Email adjustors, agents, family members and previous customers asking for some help.

This can typically generate 5-15 reviews in a week.

Another way is to use reputation management software. You can immediately follow up with a customer via email or text message with a link to your listing.

  1. Send link immediately after job is completed.
  2. Discourage negative reviews by leaving a phone number at the bottom asking to call if there’s any problems.
  3. Ask your inner circle. Friends, family members of you and your staff.

Respond To ALL Reviews

Response to negative and positive reviews shows your customers that you and your restoration company care. If you’re faced with an angry customer, simply apologize and ask them to call you to make it right.

There’s been instances where a customer felt we didn’t complete the smallest task – called us – and then removed their bad review once we assured them we would fix it.

Responding to reviews is also a great opportunity to add additional SEO-friendly text to your listing.

How To Respond To Negative Reviews

Be honest and upfront. Admit your mistakes and try to rectify the situation.

Even if the customer is still upset after the fact, it shows local customers that you won’t accept half-ass results from your water damage company.

  1. Apologize.
  2. Ask them to reach out to you.
  3. Be sincere.

How To Respond To Positive Reviews

  1. Thank them for the opportunity to serve them.
  2. Include SEO-friendly text. (Thanks for choosing our Denver water damage company)

Getting reviews for your company is a long-term process. You must be committed to asking. As we’ve seen before, Google is increasing the relevance of reviews to ratings and it’s only getting stronger in the future.

[thrive_highlight highlight=’default’ text=’light’]Start taking care of your restoration companies reputation today.[/thrive_highlight]

Step 3: Use Google Post Feature To Rank Higher

Google allows you to post “Business Posts” similar to updating your companies Facebook status.

We’ve seem mild ranking increases when posting on a schedule. Once a week should be fine.

How To Add A Google Post on Your Google My Business Page

  1. Sign into your Google My Business listing.
  2. Select your location.
  3. Select “Create Post”.

What To Write?

  • Add unique photos taken from jobs.
  • Talk about upcoming weather situations. (Storms, flooding, etc.)
  • Focus on the specific services you provide.
  • Add SEO-friendly text.
  • Add a call to action (Call now)

Google Posts are a mild-impact, low effort task. This should be combined with your other water damage SEO efforts.

Step 4: Use Your Website To Rank Higher in Google Maps

On top of optimizing your Google My Business listing, you should use your water damage website to align with local SEO efforts that increase your local rankings.

Here’s how to optimize your website to rank higher in the Google “3-pack”:

Add Maps To Your Service & Location Pages

Most restoration websites we’ve seen only have an embedded map listing on their contact page.

By embedding your map listing, this allows Google to identify your website and content as relevant to what a local searcher is looking for.

To embed a Google Map on your website, search for your business name in Google Maps. Click on “Share” in your listing and select the “Embed a map” tab.  Copy and paste the link on your business’s contact page.

Add Local Data to Your Pages

Match what is on your Google Maps listing. Google understands that your company is who you say you are and where you service. This pushes a ranking signal to hyper-localize your pages.

Adding City Zip Codes

  • If a searcher uses a zip code in their query, Google will identify this and direct them to your page.
  • These correlate to your defined service area when you set up your Google My Business listing.

Adding Nearby Landmarks

Google uses this to pick up a more direct location and idea of what the searcher is looking for. Let customers know WHERE you service and what’s NEARBY.

  • Attractions (museums, theme parks, town halls, event centers)
  • Link back to these to increase your outbound page relevance.

Use an Exact Copy of The Listing on Your Map

Copy and paste the same exact information on your business listing.

Water restoration business listings on Google Maps are becoming more advanced, allowing consumers and local searchers to more quickly get the information they need in order to make a decision about your business.

Make sure your Google My Business listing is in top shape so you achieve and maintain a higher rank on Google Maps.

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We use these same strategies that helped us build our restoration company to over $4,000,000 in sales per year.

We specialize in helping Water Restoration providers grow their restoration company using proven marketing techniques that we developed.

Need more water damage leads? Call us at (866) 741-8218 to chat about your water damage marketing or schedule a free strategy session.