Are you searching for new (or old) ways to grow your water damage company?

Well guess what!

Potential customers are searching for you, as well!

Water damage SEO is a quick, effective way to get more water damage leads. At a very fast pace.

Take a look at whose already looking for your water damage company:

  • Homeowners
  • Insurance agents
  • Plumbers
  • Tenants
  • Commercial businesses

In fact, almost 15,000 people a month search for water damage restoration nationwide.

Amount of water damage searches nationwide

In short, if you want to attract new leads and customers to your restoration business, SEO for water damage is possibly the most effective way to do so.

In this article, I’ll show you 9 step-by-step ways to attract more water damage leads and grow your water damage restoration company by getting to #1 on Google.

#1 meaning the very first result, not the first page. And how to stay there.

Create a website that converts as well as informs

The goal of your restoration website should be to get the phone to ring.

You should ask yourself…

What’s in it for the customer?

When you provide what a customer is looking for, your SEO will always reward you.

What does this mean?

Make your content easy to read

Content that is easy to read for water damage seo

Just like you were explaining to a friend – tell them what you do and how you can help. Don’t use any overly complex jargon or industry terms.

Use lists, bullet points and headers as much as possible.


Our customers are in need of help FAST! They won’t take the time to read the 2000 words on your website.

Use images as much as possible

Use images wisely to let customers know exactly how we can help them and what equipment we use.

Make your website extremely easy to navigate

One click is all it should take to be able to find what you need.

Time is important in the restoration industry. Make it easy for customers to find the help they need and in return – you get the call faster.

Fix your website structure to ensure more water damage leads

A pre-school child should be able to find what they want on your water damage website.

If they can’t, you’re never going to see success marketing online.

At the most every page on your site should only be 2-3 clicks away from the homepage.

Here’s an example of how “far” your website structure should branch out:

Let’s explain (simply) how it works:

Services (Main City)LocationsCompany PagesSchedule
Water Damage RestorationDallasAbout Us
Water Damage CleanupFt. WorthReviews
Sewage CleanupFriscoCertifications

The ultimate goal is to quickly allow your potential customers and searchers to find what they need within just a few clicks.

Structuring your site for SEO

Making your website easy for customers also makes it easier for Google.

When they crawl your site, they’ll be able to understand what it is you do and what keywords they should rank you for.

Suggested site structure:

  • One page for your main services
  • One page for each city you provide service in
  • One page for About, Reviews, etc
  • One page for contact page
  • All linked and accessible in top level menu

Rocket your websites page speed time

Page speed now matters more than ever.

For Google. And for your customers.

When someone is experience water damage, time is important. You know this and they know it even more.

Here’s a result for one of our clients.

Check our own site speed using this free tool from Google.

How to make your water damage website super fast

  • Make sure all images are compressed (we use TinyPNG)
  • Install wordpress plugins that reduce and cache your website
  • Use a hosting platform that prioritizes load times and page speed
  • Always check if changes made to your site reduce your page speed

Note: increasing the page speed of your website is usually a very technical process, so get your web developer or SEO company to help you with this.

Create city-specific service pages (so your customer feels at home)

Would you rather work with someone local or a major franchise? Most people prefer local.

Create city specific pages that speak to a customer about their location and neighborhood.

This helps you rank well in cities that you might not have an office in.


  • One page for each city you service.
  • For more conversions, try one page for each city AND each service.
  • Include relevant local information as we discuss on the next tip.

Include geo-local and neighborhood information for Water Damage SEO

When you search for something you probably expect the result to be something around you. The prevalence of “near you” type searches is increasing drastically.

These allow you to get found fast by new customers who are searching for your products and services from outside your main location.

To optimize your water restoration business for local search, you must prioritize near me searches.

How To:

  • Include contact information including phone, business name and address. (Copy what is listed on your GMB page)
  • Link to and discuss popular attractions or events happening in the cities you service.
  • Display zip codes of cities.
  • Display neighborhoods of cities.

Take a look below at how we optimize with geo-local information to increase our “near you” and “near me” searches:

Link back to your evergreen and most important content

Long lasting content or pages that heavily outrank your competitors is considered evergreen content.

It usually outranks your local competitors as well as other non-competitors.

Relevant information related to the restoration industry could include:

  • White-papers or guides about how to DIY dry homes
  • Lists about how to clean your home after water or fire damage
  • Statistics about how water can negatively affect homes

Examples you can use:

  • 10 Ways to Clean Your Home After A Fire
  • How To Prevent Water Damage Cupping To Your Wood Floors

Discuss (openly) industry and inside information (You are the expert!)

Most people don’t know what restoration is.

They don’t know how much damage water can do to their property.

It’s our job to inform them. By informing them you grow your water damage seo.

By openly explaining the dangers that come from water damage, you can position yourself as an expert on the topic.

By doing this, you let Google know that you’re an expert and you garner trust from potential customers.

Turbocharge your rankings with a video that you already have

The worlds second largest search engine, Youtube, is an easy way to rank and optimize your search engine optimization.

On top of ranking for YouTube videos you’ll also be increasing your local rankings.

Ways to increase your rankings for YouTube and SEO with video:

  • Include keywords in your video titles, descriptions, headlines, etc
  • Encourage comments and respond to comments proactively
  • Boost clicks with attractive and professional thumbnails and titles
  • Promote video content regularly to increase subscribers to your channel
  • Upload videos from job sites that you already have in your job management software.

Best content ideas for video

  • Walk arounds of job sites you’re currently estimating or that are in production
  • Client testimonials from completed water damage jobs
  • Explaining best industry practices for restoration

Optimize your Google My Business listing for restoration SEO

Did you know that Google My Business traffic now surpasses traditional organic and SEO listings?

When you optimize your Google My Business listing for water damage, you’ll own your local service area and cities around your office.

How to optimize your Google My Business listing

  1. Use the correct name, address and phone number (“NAP”) across the web.
  2. Complete your water damage business profile 100%.
  3. Update posts as much as possible.
  4. Add at least 5 of each photo category.
  5. Add all of your services and all of your service areas (by cities)

When you achieve a 100% complete listing, you’ll skyrocket your chances at ranking higher in Google My Business local packs when your customers are searching for water damage restoration and related terms.

There you have it. 9 tried, tested and verified tips to start dominate your service area and the search pages. It’s worked for us, multiple other restoration companies and it can work for you!