The initial phone call is an incredibly effective tool to grow and scale your restoration business.

When done right, you can increase your close rates and immediately build trust with customers facing water damage situations.

We’ve edited and tested this script over 100 times in our company for inbound leads we get from water damage seo and other lead sources.

What we’ve found is that less is more.

Download the free phone script here.

Phone Script Goals

  1. Get the customer information!
  2. Let them know we can handle it.
  3. Verify homeowner
  4. Verify contact information
  5. Dispatch a technician as quickly as possible

A lot of times, homeowners dealing with water damange don’t understand the extent of the damage


The person answering the phone doesn’t understand that we can actually place fans and dehumidifiers and provide restoration services to a call.

This script eliminates both of those worries.


Steps 1-5

  • Introduction – answer with a friendly, upbeat personality.
  • Immediately let them know we can get the situation under control.
  • Start the process of getting contact information

Collect information

Steps 5-9

  • Verify the caller is a homeowner. Homeowners can file insurance claims which is good for your restoration company
  • Start to collect information that you can pass onto your technicians. This will also help them understand how much equipment they may need to bring
  • Confirm (once again) that we are sending someone to help
  • Confirm availability


Steps 10-13

  • Schedule an appointment if necessary
  • Let the customer know to relax (This confirms us taking control of the situation)
  • Ask for referral

Customize it for your restoration company

There’s a couple of factors that are going to change the script or how you train someone to use it.

  • Who is answering the phone? Do they sound like a robot?
  • How much do you work with self-pays or non-homeowners?
  • Are you busy? Are you short on technicians? This will allow you to “cherry pick” jobs you might want to go to.

Remember, you don’t have to use it word for word. Customize it to fit your restoration company and your goals.

Hope this helps you get your team some clear guidance on how to answer the phone using water damage phone scripts.

Download the free phone script here.