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Water Damage Marketing Training

Water Damage Sales Guide: How To Close More Water Damage Jobs

How many times have you received a good water damage lead that you didn’t sign up? I’m talking about a really good, where there’s visible water, a fire sprinkler burst, or an office building that has sewage everywhere. If the answer is more than one, there’s a problem in your restoration business. By creating and

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Water Damage Phone Scripts: How To Answer Inbound Calls & Leads

The initial phone call is an incredibly effective tool to grow and scale your restoration business. When done right, you can increase your close rates and immediately build trust with customers facing water damage situations. We’ve edited and tested this script over 100 times in our company for inbound leads we get from water damage

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Water Damage SEO | The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization for Water Damage Restoration

Are you searching for new (or old) ways to grow your water damage company? Well guess what! Potential customers are searching for you, as well! Water damage SEO is a quick, effective way to get more water damage leads. At a very fast pace. Take a look at whose already looking for your water damage

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This Phone Script Closes 68% More Water Damage Calls

At Restoration Profits, our job is to get you more water damage leads (we’re basically the marketing equivalent of writing your phone number on a bathroom stall). But just because you get the lead doesn’t mean it automatically turns into a sale. Sure, sometimes you’ll get those calls to turn into instantaneous jobs. But most

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7 Common SEO Mistakes Restoration Businesses Need To Avoid

Okay, so you’ve created (or paid someone to create) a website for your targeted keywords, but it’s still not ranking? What’s the deal? Why aren’t you getting more restoration leads and growing your company? SEO is tough. We get it. But while it can be hard, you know SEO can also be extremely valuable for

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Reviews For Your Restoration Company

A good or bad review can be the deciding factor when it comes to customers choosing your restoration company over the competition. According to the researchers at Zendesk, 90% of participants claimed that positive online reviews influence their buying decision, and 86% said negative reviews affected their decision. Because of the nature of the disaster

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How To Get More Water Damage Leads Using Google Maps

Figuring out how to get more water damage leads isn’t easy. Maybe you’ve hired an SEO guy or an Adwords guy and haven’t gotten the results you expected. You might even be buying leads from different places. [thrive_headline_focus title=”The Problem With Buying Water Damage Leads” orientation=”left”] The problem is that your competitors are doing the

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